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About the Host.

Vicki Ronchette has lived with dogs her whole life. In high school she started working as a veterinary assistant and over the years has worked professionally as a veterinary assistant, dog trainer and behavior consultant, raptor handler, multi species animal trainer, pet sitter, dog walker and groomer.

Vicki is the Founder and Lead Instructor at Show Dog Prep School. She is the author of four books, Positive Training for Show Dogs - Building a Relationship for Success, From Shy to Showy - Help for Your Shy Show Dog, Ready? Set. SHOW! - A Handbook for Dog Shows and Litter Evaluations - The Planning, the Process, the Picks with Andrea Stone. 

Vicki is a sought after speaker and teaches in person workshops nationally and online all over the world through her webinars, remote coaching and mentor program. She is a true lover of dogs and the sport of purebred dogs and enjoys nothing more than to "talk shop" with other likeminded dog show folks.

This podcast is chock full of interviews, discussions and round tables with dog breeders, dog show judges, professional trainers, professional handlers and much more. 

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